Neither this world nor the world of slaves

Neither this world nor the world of slaves:
Against the heritage, the PTI also once again succeeded in banning Hazara's workers from getting blackheads and hiding their faces.
In Hazara Region, the president and the general secretary were not available except Ali Asghar Khan and Ali Khan Jadun.
Because the concept of bringing slaves against masters is not practiced in some parts of our country.
There is also a Thousand Division where over the years one or two families, every party, every government and every party has been doing the same.
And today, on the platform of the PTI, the faces of two famous and well-known families of Hazara are being brought to the forefront to control the slaves.

Slaves will not raise a revolution for centuries, will not rebel in principle. So you will continue to strengthen the chains of slavery from generation to generation ...

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