SBC league: January 2019 betting reports!

SBCLogo League.PNG

We did enter the last day of the month. So it is time to remind you all to write your betting report for January 2019 and place the link to this report as a comment on this post!

The deadline for entering the link to the betting report will be next Wednesday. On Thursday morning the ranking will be made and the prices will be distributed!

Just like last month we do have a 6 steem prize pool. Last month we only had 6 participants and something within me tells me that we will not exceed 8 this month! Maybe even lower then 6! I do hope that this won't be the case!

Financial status

At the moment, the SBC account did grow with around 20 SP in the first month of the year! It would be great if we could lift it to minnow status before the end of the year!
I will try to write a weekly post so that the account gets some more upvotes and to increase the speed of growth!


The SBC crew

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