Is The Units Are Fake...?


Humans, a very complicated structure from nature or from whatever it is. Even though we are floating in a globe in the vast universe, when we compared to space we are very tiny without any units to measure our size, there is nothing around us. Just floating things, galaxies, planets, stars, asteroids, and our garbage. We are in an endless empty space with other floating objects.


Our imagination and thoughts have a limit, and it stuck in one place where our science reached and standing at this moment. We are limited in experiencing many things through our organs, ear, eye, and nose.

I think we are trapped because science is going on revealing things which we cannot imagine. The endless attempts and efforts by the human being are growing and it is talking about God particle now. We are trying to cross the size restrictions in many ways because the science is now in nanoscales.

I am totally confused about my size and other sizes - if we scale the earth uniformly to 1,000 times smaller or bigger what will be our condition? The units are fake unless we found the boundaries of the space.