The Sanctuary: Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

After exiting the principal's office, Dylan was invited by Flander for a chat. Since he expected such a thing to happen he wasn't too surprise. Of course, Dianne gave a reproachful look to his uncle but at the end did not say anything and left to give the two men a chance to talk.

Flander took Dylan to a nearby cafe, there Flander asked a lot of question, mostly about him and his family. Of course, this is just formality as Dylan was sure that Flander had most likely investigated his background. And thoroughly at that. Lastly, Flander asked Dylan how he feels about Dianne, of which Dylan answered without hesitation.

"I like her," answered Dylan without averting his gaze.

Flander smiled at Dylan's answer and praised how honest he is. But then his face turn serious and told Dylan that if he is serious in pursuing Dianne, he'll likely face a lot of backslash and enmity from Dianne's suitors--especially from a young master from a certain clan.

"Is that young master the one responsible for the attacks?" Dylan questioned without showing much emotion.

"Anything's possible. But that person is capable of anything. He's the reason why Dianne and her father is not getting alone." Flander declared.

Dylan frowned at what Flander said but aside from that his expression remained unreadable.

"His clan is pressuring Dianne's father?" asked Dylan.

"Our clan's a little weaker compared to that person's clan. Though not by much. Rather, they have something that my brother, no our clan wanted," Flander answered with a sigh.

"Is that "something" enough for a father to sacrifice his own daughter?" Dylan asked coldly.

Flander noticed the coldness hidden in Dylan's voice and for some reason felt chill from it. Yet no matter how he look, he could not find any clue on Dylan's expressionless face.

"There's a complicated reason for why our clan is vehement in getting the said item. So I suggest that you hold your judgment on my brother's action. In all honesty he has no intention of forcing Dianne. After all he did promised my late sister-in-law not to force Dianne to do anything she hated. If not for the clan's persistent...," Flander's voice trailed of as if reminiscing.

The two stayed silent after that. And only when Flander's communicator sounded did the silence end.

Reading the message on the communicator, Flander sighed and then look at Dylan.

"If you're really serious in pursuing my niece, I will not stop you. But you must remember that there's going to be obstacles in front of you. What happened earlier might just be a warning. Obviously I will investigate that attack thoroughly and will not let those who are responsible go. If the ones responsible are really the people I talked about earlier then things will become more complicated. After all, they did attack Dianne. And though I can't truly crush them, I'll at least make sure that they feel the pain," Flander left after saying all those things.

Dylan sighed after Flander left. Though his face is emotionless, one could see a dangerous gleam in his eyes if one look closely. He knew that with his status, he is powerless against a powerful clan. But that doesn't mean that he will just stay quiet and let his enemies take his head.

There's going to be retribution and Dylan will make sure to get it...

That night, Dylan received an invitation from Dianne to meet at the virtual world. Though somehow expecting it, Dylan still could not help but feel excited. After completing his training, Dylan entered the virtual world where he and Dianne agreed to meet.

In the virtual world he entered a restaurant and went to a private room. Inside he saw Dianne's avatar already waiting.

Dianne's avatar looked like her but on the table is a silver mask that she usually use to hide her identity. Dylan too is wearing a mask that hides his status but removed it after seeing Dianne.

Dianne smiled after seeing Dylan and invited him to take a sit. After ordering some coffee, the two started to converse.

to be continued


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