One of my old

Sweet creature with flaming mane
In a scintillating scarlet glow
Exhales an aura in blazing flames
Burns me, freezes me, repulses me and tempts me

Blindingly white the color of her skin
Dazzles me and flirts with me like a call
I'm glad to the edge of ecstasy
Or I pretend to be euphoric while my heart is ablaze

Garden of Eden with eternal flowers
It's her body with freckles
To reach it one day remains my dearest desire
But access to paradise comes at a price: dying

Redhead creature your existence is enough for me
To prove to me that nothing is finished yet
Your beauty, your difference represents hope
This dawn light illuminating the dark night
Fly now, free yourself from these ivies
Then lift your face and shout: "I'm rousse and proud"

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