'Selfe' with sandals, everyone cried!

'Selfe' with sandals, everyone cried!
Not a mobile phone, sandalizing some children with sandal-such a statue has spread over the internet. Many people broke the heart. Many people are crying.
Everyone knows about the extinction of cellphones or customs. Many people say that anyone can be famous because of anything through social media. Since everything goes into the house quickly spread. Whether it's a picture or video. But sometimes some pictures or videos touched the heart of everyone.
So there is not a picture-mobile phone, but what has happened is that some babies are wearing stereotypes with their feet sandal. What a lovely smile on their face - and this picture is now Viral It is not known whether or not the child or the viral photo photographer.
The film raises the storm in the internet. Starting from a Bollywood star, many people share the picture through social media. They know their feelings of heartache.
Actor Boman Irani, TV producer Siddharth Basu, film producer and fashion photographer Atul Kasabker shared many pictures.
A Twitter user wrote the picture with the share, "When life will give you a sandal, selphi."
The producer, Atul Kasbaker, shared the picture with Twitter, where the Khurda is or its photographer; Find out if you can send some gifts for them.
Of course, megastar Amitabh Bachchan thinks that the photo is Photoshop. Amitabh wrote on the post of an extraordinary post: 'I am giving proper respect and ability, I think the photo is Photoshop. Take a look at the hand in which there is slippers, what is the difference between the shape of the body and the other hand!
Many people are watching children's smile on this viral film.

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