Wall of Death in Cebu - Would You Dare Watch?

I noticed someone commented on one of my old videos on YouTube and I can't help but play it back to reminisce what had occurred on that video. Surprisingly, I got entertained while watching myself scream.

Yes, I was literally screaming almost the entire video, if you are wondering why, I highly recommend that you watch this video below:

As you can see, it was taken in the year 2015 at a carnival in Cebu's SRP. James and I were just checking out this and we were both curious what this wall of death was.

So basically, its called as such because this rider has to climb the wall with his motorbike and it's just entertaining and scary at the same time. There were multiple times wherein he almost got out of the edge of that wooden wall.

The driver wasn't wearing any protective gear and I bet he is already a seasoned rider but still, he should have worn one.

Let me know what you think of this act?

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