My 16th hero on ML!

Although I haven't really played any matches for the last 5 weeks, I am still checking up on the game at least once a day mostly just to claim my daily rewards to upgrade my emblems and get a chance to get a new hero on the lucky spins when available. XD

Another reason why I still bother to everyday is because of their events. I remember the first hero that I got when I first stared playing Mobile Legends was the hero Odette (excluding the default heros anyone could immediately use) which I have used for 30% of my total ranked matches and remains the only Mage hero that I am confident in using in ranked matches. XD

Anyway, this week there seems to be another event in Mobile Legends which gives players a chance to obtain the newly released hero Silvana. And fortunately I got it and is now officially my 16th hero on ML. She is also my 3rd Fighter Hero after the default Fighter heros Zilong and Balmond.


I honestly forgot how I got her but as I was checking the Exchange Reward tab, I have 1 card that can be exchanged to get the Silvana hero immediately so I immediately exchanged it. XD


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