eSteem - Calling For Volunteer Translators

Asking community to assist us with translating eSteem app to their own languages...

There are ~230 phrases in English.
All locale files can be found in this folder

cn.json - Chinese
de.json - German
en.json - English (original)
es.json - Spanish
fr.json - French
it.json - Italian
jp.json - Japan
kr.json - Korean
ru.json - Russian
tr.json - Turkish

Any other language volunteers, please use en.json to translate to your own language and once it is ready we can create related files to include in app.

How the files look like and how to translate them:

    "HOME": "Home",
    "LOGIN": "Login",
    "LOGOUT": "Logout",
    "PROFILE": "Profile",

So above is excerpt from files, only second part of text needs translation, example in Russian would be as follows:

    "HOME": "Главная",
    "LOGIN": "Войти",
    "LOGOUT": "Выйти",
    "PROFILE": "Профиль",

Thank to Russian community, they are now working on translation. List's been updated recently and should have all latest text. If you want to help with translation of any language, please get in touch. Thank you!

For those who haven't heard of eSteem, it is mobile application for Steem(it)! Check out my blog @good-karma for posts related to eSteem and other mobile applications.


Please check update: @good-karma/esteem-calling-for-volunteer-translators-update

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