eSteem in 58 languages

While I was reviewing latest changes and finalize v1.5.0 release of eSteem, I got surprised to find out that eSteem now has 58 languages ready to be shipped with new release.

eSteem became truly community driven and internationalized because of more than 360 people within community. Thank you everyone!

Check out here:

And we have rewarded many contributor for their voluntary contribution.

Current state

Now that we have Utopian project on top of Steem, let's change how rewarding works by using better tool.

If you have contributed to the language translation but haven't received any rewards yet, please make a post.

Post should include your username on crowdin and screenshot of your activity page from your Profile page...

Me and moderators of Utopian will review your entries.

Thank you for everyone who is reporting issues and suggestions through Utopian.

I have suggested few improvements and in touch with @elear to make it even more easier for contributors to join and help improve eSteem. Also delegated some SP to @utopian-io to support open source and voluntary contribution.

You can access all eSteem reports and contributions below and please support fellow Steemians.

Join Utopian:

Join eSteem team:

Thank you for reading, collaborating, contributing and supporting,
@good-karma & @testz

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