My best job ever was in the cold and snow


Teaching little kids to ski was the best job I ever had. I have had many jobs in my life, so I feel I have given this job a good chance to be overtaken. But my skiing job always takes first place.

I only worked for one winter season at a mountain resort near Washington DC. I got the job because I seemed presentable enough for parents to trust me with their kids. My non-existent skiing skills where not the issue. As long as I could ski on the baby hill, (I could!) then I was good enough for this job.

I ate breakfast and lunch with the kids, so my food was free. I stayed in the dorms so I had no commute or cost for accommodation. I worked 7 days a week most weeks and clocked in about 10 hours a day, so I had a lot of overtime pay.This was all good since I made minimum wage.

All that money and no place to spend it were how I financed my way out of Appalachia at the end of the season and got myself to Denver for a few years after that.

My days as a ski instructor were so fun! I mostly taught kids under 10 years old who had never seen snow before. The youngest were 4 years old. Everyone was happy to be doing this new thing in their lives.

We had two sessions on the slopes each day and most kids could respectively ski by the end of that. Many of them would graduate from the ski school and move on to having a real instructor on the main slopes for the rest of their holiday. I kept the little kids and the ones that never really took to it.

We had playtime and pizza on our lunch break and the parents came at 4 to see how their kids were doing and to pick them up for the night.

The last couple of runs were proudly done to shocked mom and dad who did not expect their child to really be able to ski. Big tips were forthcoming! WooHoo!

My light trail photo appears to show people skiing and so it is a good one for this post. I took it with a cheap point and shoot camera while in Bangkok Thailand.

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