How & Why Should use eSteem mobile app v2.0.6?


First and foremost i would like to say that i am using esteem mobile app since July 2017 hence i have good observation about this app. This is basically a mobile app or an user interface which provides facility to be connected with without desktop and laptop anytime anywhere. Using this app we can create a post, edit already created post, upvote and comment.eSteem team has introduced new version of mobile app (v2) now and i am using this open beta release too. I am looking that the new version is coming with lots of new and advance features however some improvements are in awaiting period still so hope in few days they will update it surely. One thing more i have translated this new app in our national language some days ago hence i read all strings of it in and i read a line there which is Your information is store in local device only and when you logout all information got delete hence it is secure.

Why should use esteem app?

Today i will try to elaborate all features of current version of esteem app details.

  1. Security & Reliability
    After download when you will setup the app then this app will ask you to put a PIN so that you can keep this app safe from unwanted incidents. App will always ask for that PIN in your every launch like as below :


Without entering PIN no one can access your eSteem app if your mobile get lost or got pickpocket.

  1. Advance Features
    I will paste here total 16 numbers of snap which are capable to see you the useful features. First i will paste image then just below you can read about its details.


The above image appears just after entering your PIN and in above image you can see i have marked 5 features by 1,2,3,4 and 5 it means all are very useful. I will start describing one by one with images.

  • Number 1: The search option which really needful to find out some special user and for this you have to enter username like as @face2face but be careful don't left space after last character of username and its looks like as below:


  • Number 2: The default page appears with your feed which are posted by to whom you follow but if you want to see your own blog staying here then just Tap on drop down symbol and select Blog so you can easily switch between feed and your own blog.

  • Number 3: If you tap on number 3 option then you can hide the visible blog's image.

  • Number 4: If you press in 3 dots then you will have various useful sub-features and you should look that just below:


  • Number 5: This is really the main essential section of this app and there are lots of useful options you should look them by clicking on your profile image, you can refer the below image:


In this page you have profile section means by clicking on that you can reach to your profile page and the next one is bookmark you can keep safe any post here for feature read or use then next is Draft you can check your drafted post here if you have save those during composing then next one is Settings this section control the functionality of this app and if you click on that then you will have setting options like as below:


In this section as showing in above image you can choose your country currency from here you can check the reward value in your country currency value. However they have added few currencies in this version but they will surely add more there.

Apart from currency setting you can change the language also just click on dro-down option and select your native langualge.

If you look that app is not working properly or not showing any blog properly then you can change the sever address also.

You can also change the theme look of your app from here.
You can also close or open push notification from here.

The very important you can reset your PIN from here.

You can see there is a + (Plus Sign) which has following meaning:


It means it gives a space to add more account.

Apart from number 1 to 5 there are some more features and you should look all those too please have a look at all:

The profile section


You can see in above image two colorful lines and when you will tap on that you can check your upvoting strength and the details will appear like as bellow:


As you can see on above image the upvoting power and RCs percentage is showing.

Now we have to visit wallet section mind blowing feature.
Normally if you tab on wallet menu then it appears like as below


The above image is showing all details of your wallet but if you want to shrink this then tap on drop-down which is just below wallet menu and it looks like as below which is marked already:


So if you tap on that then you will have only wallet history.

How to create post using this app?

In profile page you will have a + just look down and when you will tap on that then you will have three option like as below image:


The pen symbol is able to reach you post creating section and camera symbol makes you able to capture a photo and the photo will get upload in composition field. Rest features are coming soon.

The last sections are:

Notification $ Leaderboard


Every activities which are concerned to you will be appears here like as upvote, comments, mention and reblogged.

The awesome earning section of this app is leaderboard which is a board actually which shows the top users of esteem app on daily basis and top 3 or 5 users gets special rewards from eSteem team. Anyone can grab that rewards by using this app if he/she uses this app as much as in upvoting, commenting or other activities. In bellow image you can see the name of today's top users.


Unfortunately i am in number 5.

I am looking much feature in this app hence recommend to use this app and grab the many benefits of it like as eSteem encouragement programs and Monthly give away rewards if you become top user.

eSteem encouragement programs
If you submit original post every day using this app then you will have chance to get upvote from @esteemapp, @good-karma and its trails and upvote % will depends on your reputaion and Steem power.

Monthly give away rewards
I have seen every month esteem team gives some rewards to top posters, commentators and top earners. Anyone can be grab this if he/she uses this app as much as possible.

eSteem has a good team also in discord and they help out quickly so if you want to know more about this app then visit discord or you can visit their website by clicking here.

I have tried to explain in best way but please suggest for any improvements.

Thanks in advance for all!

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