Meet our CMO & Product Lead Fil Dunsky


Hi guys, we decided to gradually introduce our team to the community. Once in a week we will introduce one of our eSteem team members. Hope it will be interesting for you.

Fil Dunsky

Ten years of successfull freelancing as an illustrator @dunsky created drawings and arts for big brands like Blackberry, Coca-Cola, Milka, Kinder, Panasonic, Wrigley and many others worldwide.


Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, most of the time Fil is creating graphics for eSteem. He is fond of constantly improving small things. When we met here on Steem, Fil started to suggest some improvements for eSteem Mobile user interface more than a year ago then slowly and gradually we moved to start complete redesign of eSteem Mobile and eSteem Surfer with his help since it was totally revamped and we wanted to create more clean code base for new versions of our products.


He writes most of the community update content now as well as creating and preparing all the graphics, design and marketing materials.

He is also redesigned our official web-site and created eSteem Ocean sticker pack for Telegram.

We are exteremely thrilled to work with him and take our products to new levels as well as promote Steem with better quality.

If you have any questions, suggestions to Fil, feel free to contact him by email:

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