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Recently we've announced our new project called eSteem Search (now Hivesearcher: which is for searching anything on Hive. You can go to to give it a try. Here some of the tips to make your search more precisely.


You can just type anything you want to find and see results right away but if you need to find something special, exact phrases or something without particular word etc. here are some hints for you.

Combine search

Put OR in between two search fragments. For example, you want to search for eSteem or Steem then just type: eSteem OR Steem in a search field.

Exact matching

Just put a word or phrase inside the quotes if you want to search for exact or particular phrase like "eSteem Surfer"

Term Excluding

Put - sign in front of any word you want to leave out. For example "esteem surfer" -surfing -sea will search for the posts or comments where eSteem Surfer is mentioned but without sea or surfing words to exclude non relevant ocean theme.

Combination of Exact matching and term excluding

Here is some more complicated search example
("esteem surfer" AND "esteem mobile") OR ("esteem search") -surfing this will search for articles or comments where people speak about eSteem Surfer and eSteem Mobile together or for articles about eSteem Search but without word "surfing".


At the moment we have 3 filters:

  • Author
  • Tag (accepts multiple tags with comma seperator)
  • Type (comment or post)
  • Category for community posts

* author:esteemapp will search for all the posts and comments from @esteemapp account

surfer author:esteemapp tag:esteem type:post will search for only posts with #esteem tag posted by @esteemapp which have word "Surfer" there.


Complex query

One more complicated examle:
"esteem surfer" -"monthly digest" -giveaway author:good-karma tag:esteem,wallet type:post will search for posts from @good-karma with two tags together #esteem and #wallet having exact match of "eSteem Surfer" phrase there but excluding posts about monthly digests or giveaways.

That's it for now. We hope that it was helpful in your day to day search. For any questions or suggesting on search improvements just let us know in the comments, please.

We are working on cleaning up our source code to make it opensource as well as document for developers to integrate into their existing apps or create new ones.

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