The autonomous now.

I was going to write 'The autonomous future' but realized the the future is already now.
I just stumbled upon a video presenting a self driving garbage truck by Volvo. The vehicle drives on a predetermined route, utilizing sensors for detecting and avoiding obstacles. Having eliminated the driver the collector of the bins walks by the vehicle without needing to get in it.
I imagine that the next step will be making autonomous self driving bins that can 'meet' the garbage truck without human help.

Employee -less shops is another are that is becoming popular. Alibaba has matched this with face recognition (which is wide spread in China) in a new brand of supermarkets.

Btw China also unveiled the first high-speed driverless train.

All this make 'modern' Norway seem so archaic, with its train delays because of snow(!) and the supermarkets that often look like warehouses from the 90s..

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