⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ 9000 STEEM POWER

STEEM continues to drop and I continue to make use of current price to cost average in some more despite seeing few reasons to actually Power Up currently...

While there are a lot of good things going on (Steemmonsters / Advertisement revenue) here on Steem, there are also a lot of fundamental things I don't really like. Value seems to have flown from STEEM to the tribe tokens and Steemmonsters as it is more profitable to be loaded up on those right now. If that remains the case is a big question mark. Once 'token buyers' decide they have enough and start selling it can go down quickly if no new money comes in. The good thing right now is that most tribe tokens can be burned for Steem upvotes. The basic 'ponzi structure' is something even with Steem itself that I remain having a hard time to overlook. While I don't think it will go to zero like bitconnect. The fact that there is little reason to power up along with there being no new people coming in right now I see also as a big reason for the price drop. Now that the price is low enough more existing users will start looking to maybe add some.

I really enjoy this place and am in it for the long run. my original target when I started was to reach 5k SP (which at one point was worth around 40000$!) Right now I have it set at 10k SP and will buy some more in case the price continues to drop which might as well be the case once the HF21 bomb drops. Not sure what to expect, but I'm a skeptic by default so I don't think it will be pretty at least at the start.

Extra SP will be used to...
  • Increase upvote $ amount
  • Delegate SP to Steemmonsters
  • Delegate to <Sportstalk.social

I'm now in my 3rd season playing Steemmonsters and starting to get a hang of the game. I really see the potential in this game and love the system with the DEC tokens. Right now it looks like it's mainly played by people inside of Steem, but it's sure it could become popular more mainstream. Special thanks toe @clove71 again for giving me the promo code to get started and @stimp1024 for leasing me some cards and starting the Dec Builders Guild which really helps grow and move forward in the game a lot.

Previous Power Up Milestones
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⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ 7000 STEEM POWER
⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ 6500 STEEM POWER
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⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ 4000 STEEM POWER
⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ 3000 STEEM POWER
⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ 1600 STEEM POWER
⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ 1000 STEEM POWER
⚡️ Powered up ⚡️ 500 STEEM POWER

Anyone else planning to Power Up at current prices ?

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