Esteem app - Reviewing new version text editor

Esteem is becoming one of the best mobile application for the Steem Blockchain. I really admire this team for one very reason. We can always see some development work happening. Being a developer I know the pain of working in the same product all the time. We will always look for flavors and go for some innovations now and then. But Kudos to the esteem development team because they are dedicated in building the best user experience without any distractions.

Today, I took my mobile phone to surf the new version of Esteem app and understand what are the things that are new. Some improvements have made it look really cool. One such impressive change is the changes to the new text editor. I wanted to write a little on what I saw and what I felt.


UI changes

I'm really impressed the new UI changes to the text editor. In the previous version of the app, adding tags while writing article was a serious pain. I was thinking that it was silly and never mentioned that as a defect but I'm glad to see that being considered and changed. This layout looks far better now.

Increased number of tags

As the need for increase in the number of tags is gradually increasing, 7 tags in a post was also not sufficient. I always wished it was more than 10. It is good to see that the number is now 10 which is well and good.

Save button move

This is something that I raised with the team. The reason is because I have had bitter experiences in the past. Because of fat finger, I have clicked on back button multiple times in the past while trying to save in the previous interfere. Now this place would be a comfortable one for the save button. I'm happy to see thay my request was finally fulfilled.

I'm already having a seamless experience with the text editor of the app. Great work by @goodkarma and team. Hoping to see lot more great features and improvements in the future.

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