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Step 1: Delegate to @steemflagrewards

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Step 2: Join the @flagtrail.

     Flag trail provides many options to trail downvotes on content that has been carefully reviewed and approved by our team of moderators. Set up the solution that works for you!

image.png Link in the image.

These may be found on our #definitions-of-abuse channel on our Discord.

You may also find them in my "Downvote Gangs of NewSteem" article linked in image below:


Step 3: Profit! While helping to keep Steem clean!

     You will then be slated to receive tokens that may be used to boost original, engaging content that makes our blockchain better and better.

     We also serve the function of deterring bad actors that otherwise continue placing downward pressure on our token's value.

Not to mention our dreams!

That's all there is to it!


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