How is the Corona Virus Spread in Indonesia?


Indonesia is among the countries that feel the effects of the corona virus outbreak. Indonesia itself to this day (March 17, 2020) has found 172 patients infected with the corona virus. Seven of these patients have died and eight others have recovered.

The first time the corona virus was detected in Indonesia according to news in online media was on March 2, 2020. At that time one Indonesian citizen contracted the corona virus allegedly from a Japanese citizen. It was on February 14, 2020, at a restaurant in Jakarta, the two men made physical contact. Then the Indonesian citizen (the first case) made contact with his mother (the second case).

After the virus was discovered in the first and second cases, the Indonesian government traced their activities so that from the development of the case three more cases of patients infected with the corona virus were detected. While the sixth case has nothing to do with the above case. The sixth case was found from the crew of the Diamond Princess cruise ship. This cruise ship was once viral with quite a lot of patients who were infected with the corona virus at that time.

Not only ordinary people, there are already state officials in Indonesia infected with the corona virus, namely the Minister of Transportation, Budi Karya Sumadi. Budi Karya Sumadi is the 76th patient detected to be infected with the corona virus in Indonesia. Previously, Budi Karya Sumadi had attended meetings with several other Ministers and also with Indonesian President Joko Widodo. So that the ministers, president and vice president conduct a corona virus test. Until now reportedly the president, vice president and other ministers have undergone a corona test and negative results.

Indonesia itself has not imposed a lockdown and is still accepting tourists from outside countries. So that every day more and more patients are detected infected with the corona virus. But the Indonesian government has issued an appeal for part of the state apparatus to work at home. While areas that have not yet been found to corona virus cases such as Aceh, are still called on to be vigilant.

In Aceh, schools are closed and tourist attractions are closed, peoples are advised not to do activities outside the home. While we as medical personnel who work in hospitals, are currently in a state of alert and are increasingly intense in preparing themselves when a patient with a suspected corona virus is found.

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