Aceh and Corona Virus


Since the uproar spread of the corona virus, Aceh has been one of the safest areas so far. According to a report from the Aceh government, until now there has been no Acehnese community infected with the corona virus. Although a few days ago there were Acehnese who were isolated in one of the hospitals because they were suspected of suffering from diseases caused by the corona virus.

At the time the corona virus was engulfing the Wuhan City (China), there were 13 Acehnese students who were studying there trapped inside the house. At that time the city of Wuhan was closed and stopped all public activities, people who were in Wuhan could no longer get out of the city and vice versa. At that time 13 Acehnese students made a video about their condition there so that their suffering was discovered by the Aceh Government. After establishing communication between the Aceh Government and the students there, the Aceh Government sent some money to them so that they could buy some food supplies while they were trapped there.

Then the Indonesian government sent chartered aircraft to the Wuhan city to bring home a number of citizens trapped in the city of Wuhan including the 13 Acehnese students. The 13 Acehnese students were then quarantined for 14 days on Natuna Island to monitor their health development. Right on February 14, 2020, the 13 students were declared negative suffering from the corona virus disease and were immediately returned to Aceh. Now all 13 students are still in Aceh.

In early March the Aceh government through the Zainoel Abidin hospital treated 12 patients with suspects corona virus. But after isolation and testing, all these patients were declared safe and free from disease caused by the corona virus. Likewise, this week there were two patients who were isolated in the hospital because they were suspected suspect corona virus. But yesterday (Thursday, March 12) the patient was no longer isolated because after undergoing a number of tests declared free of corona virus.

Aceh is safe from the threat of the corona virus in my opinion because so far very few Acehnese have traveled abroad or exited the area. Likewise with foreign tourists at this time also has been greatly reduced.

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