eSteem - Feature Set #5 (Bookmarking, Draft, Followers, Market)


In this series of posts, We will present current feature set that eSteem is offering. And details and usage of presented features. Each post will include gif animation and its explanation to guide reader through the process of using it. Note that these features are being improved constantly, you might notice some changes/addition in future releases.

What's eSteem

For those who find eSteem related post first time and don't know what eSteem is: It is mobile and desktop (to be announced) application for Steem(it)! Offering some of the unique features and mobile/desktop experience. Check out my blog @good-karma for more related posts and latest announcements.

Quick facts

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  • Animation #1 - Shows how you can bookmark or add post to your favorite list so that you can read them later or check them later on for additional comments. You can add and remove any number of bookmarks, they are stored locally. Expect cross platform access to your bookmarks when desktop version is released.

  • Animation #2 - In this short clip, we show how you can save your draft for later submission and edition. This feature let's you continue editing and when ready you can submit. Only one draft is saved as of now, expect additional draft manager in future releases.

  • Animation #3 - You can easily access your followers and following lists as shown in this animation. There is in-built search so that you can make sure if you have followed someone or if they have followed you back, etc.

  • Animation #4 - Market exchange page shows current buy and sell walls on internal market. You can also see if you have open orders on a Market and history of trades. This page will be improved over time to include more features and functionalities. Expect putting orders and charts, cancel orders, etc. in future releases.

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