eSteem - Feature Set #3 (Submit posts, Read post, Read comments, Easy access)

Hello Steemians,

In this series of posts I will quickly talk about current feature set that eSteem is offering.

For those who find eSteem related post first time and don't know what eSteem is: It is mobile application for Steem(it)! Offering some of the unique features and mobile experience. Check out my blog @good-karma for more related posts and latest announcements.

Quick facts: eSteem is now available in 11+ different languages.


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#3 #4
  • Animation #1 - you can see how to compose new post, which offers easy access of toolbar and straight-forward editor with built-in image upload and capture.

  • Animation #2 - in this short clip you can see how posts are layed out for reader, our markdown parser covers most edge cases so that readers see how writer intended them to see and read.

  • Animation #3 - after you finish reading, you will meet comments section. As you can see in this short clip, you can access addition options for each comment simply by swiping left on the comment. Any sub-comments can also easily be accessed/read by tapping on comment, as shown on this clip.

  • Animation #4 - eSteem wants to give you quick and easy access. In this short clip, you can see that accessing post options are that easy. You can reply, vote, view images, bookmark, resteem, share, etc. quickly. In-depth details of all these features will be in our next esteem-features posts.

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All future posts related to eSteem feature set will be tagged as #esteem-features.
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