eSteem - Feature Set #1 (Login, Quick Look)

Hello Steemians,

In this series of posts I will quickly talk about current feature set that eSteem is offering.

For those who find eSteem related post first time and don't know what eSteem is: It is mobile application for Steem(it)! Offering some of the unique features and mobile experience. Check out my blog @good-karma for more related posts and latest announcements.

Quick facts: eSteem is opensource project. We are calling for more translation contributors, translate eSteem to your own native language.


  • Animation #1 - shows how login screen looks like. You can either login using your main password or separate posting and active private keys. If you login with main password, app is fully functional and you don't feel any inconsistency because app can derive any signature for you to do any operation. If you choose to login with only posting, you won't be able to update your profile information and you cannot transfer any funds with app, because that will require your active private key. You will have to re-login by providing both posting and active private keys.

  • Animation #2 - shows quick look of app after you login. After login multiple features are unlocked, side menu is expanded to enable you to do more operations and access more features. In side menu you can see 1) your profile and cover images, 2) you can see your reputation with floating point, 3) you can see your number of posts, 4) you can see your current voting power, 5) many more unlocked features that we will go into details next time.

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All future posts related to eSteem feature set will be tagged as #esteem-features.

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