Why do people feel afraid of talking about Death

If there is one thing that is inevitable, that is Death. No one can stop that, eventually everyone has to end this journey of life and cross over on the other side. Then why is it that people feel uncomfortable talking about Death. Isn't it a very natural process of a human life cycle, then what scares us humans from this word.

When I talk to people on this subject, their first reaction is, ohhhh let's not talk about death, but why not talk about it. It is the fear of the unknown that stops us from even thinking about it. But if we believe in Karma and live our life mindfully then this fear should not be there. Rather it would be a more uplifting process at soul level.

On the other side of the veil, no one knows what exists. Though lots have been written about the subject, Life After Death, and it gives a vague idea, but still can never validate. Yes, but we can surely gain some knowledge with experiences from millions of Past Life Regressions and release this fear.


Let me tell you my own story, there was a time, when I was extremely fearful of death, to an extent that there were times when I would end up crying all night thinking about it. I would think, what will happen to my body, on the other side where will I go, what if I go to hell, if I will be reborn again then what form will I come in, will it be human, animal, what if I am born a beggar or in a very poor family, what will happen to my family, how will they live without me. All these questions would haunt me and scare me to hell.

That's the time when my journey of exploring this subject began, because I was on the extreme side of fearing death. I came across this book - "The Laws of the Spirit World", some things in the book I could digest, some I could not, but my curiosity increased, so then the next one was the Master of all in this subject, Brian Weiss - Many Lives, Many Masters. He got me intrigued, and I went ahead and read all his books, Through time into Healing, Only Love is Real, Miracles Happen, Same Souls, Many Bodies....and all his books. My understanding on death started improving, like the layers were peeling, I read many books from different authors, another one my favorite was Michael Newton - Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, Life between lives...... , and another Indian author Nan Umrigar - Sound of Silence, Listening to the Silence. The Tibeten book of the Dead is one another powerful read. I must have read more than 100 books on this topic, where there were countless experiences of Life after Death mentioned, and none of them expressed fear. There were some books I read, which also gave dark experiences of people, but then to evaluate their life it was altogether a different scene. I was not getting afraid anymore, those night hauntings stopped. And I reached a point where I wanted to start learning Past Life Regression from Dr. Brian, but somehow it never clicked, maybe that was not my life path.


In those times, I was so overwhelmed with the knowledge I was getting, that I started visiting hospitals and talking to people who were on their deathbed to make their transition peaceful. All that I had learned I wanted to share. Death is a liberating experience from this gross body. The energies are much lighter on the other side, the experiences on the other side are multidimensional, and all of this depends on how you have lived your life in the physical body. If one has been too much attached to material things, greed, power.....it would be difficult for such a person to cross over peacefully, because of all the attachments in this world, but if one lives peacefully with mindful karma it is a beautiful cross over process with loving energies all around.

Just like my own experience, I think the majority of the people feel fearful, because it is the fear of the unknown, but if you break these walls and gain some knowledge on it, this fear will wade off and Death will be a peaceful experience.

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