Splinterlands ART CONTEST Entry by @DEKAN

Hello everyone!

Dekan here, and I'm a new player. I just joined the Discord community of Splinterlands today, and as luck would have it, there's an on-going Art Contest! Yey!

So here's my entry.

I did my version of Malric Inferno, Why him? Well as I said, I'm a new player and Malric is probably my favorite starting summoner, since I don't have any cards of my own yet. :)

Now, let me walk you through the process of creating this entry.

I've been drawing stuff almost all my life, I even made a career off of it. So if you may notice on this first part, I skip[ the part where I do outlines for the body and just go straight to sketching the head and face.


This is a digital drawing, I used Adobe Animate CC for this. It has been my "main weapon" for almost all of my work. As you can see, my drawing style is pretty messy. I start with the head and then the face. and then I do the hair, and the pose... you get the idea. :)


And when I'm done with that, I put a layer on top of my sketch, so I can draw over it with much clearer strokes.


I grew up reading Comic books, so my drawing style is heavily influenced by Marvel and Image.



Now the line art is done. Originally, I was just going to send a black and white line art for my entry. But then I decided to color it to hide those ugly cross-hatching. It's barely noticeable now, just don't look too close :)


So there you have it! My very own rendition of Malric Inferno. Please vote for it, or like, or something. I don't really have any idea how the winners are picked. But ultimately, win or lose, I just hope you guys like my work.

I would really love to hear your thoughts. Put in your comments, critiques, violent reactions, whatever.

Also, if anyone would be interested to buy this piece, I'm willing to let it go in exchange for a spell book. :)

Any takers? Anyone?? :)

Thanks everyone! Let us all enjoy the game! :)

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