Week 5 - Reflection on Totalitarianism, Socialism, and Central Planning

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Friedrich Hayek published a book, The Road to Serfdom, in the 1940’s. He gave his ideas on socialism, totalitarianism, and central planning. He refers to the Soviet Union, Germany, Nazi’s, all in Europe. Today there are a lot of opinions about socialism, totalitarianism, capitalism and whatever other type of government. In a socialist government the government will have more duties in our daily lives. A socialist world would have more organization economically and politically. There can be good things and bad things about a socialist government. Some good things are more equality, less poverty, health care benefits, free market regulation, and many more. Some bad things are higher taxes, loss in welfare incentive, failure, and more. Have we ever seen a successful socialist government? There have been a handful of countries to be successful but for the United States to switch over it would be a very long and difficult process. Again, my response to a classmate’s question, I don’t think we would ever be successful in a totalitarian government. When there are good things about both types of government styles there will always need to be limitations. Having a socialist style government there is a lot of wiggle room to lack responsibility because the government has so much to do. In a totalitarian style government, there is a lot of room for the government to have too much power and no personal freedoms. The whole reason people fear socialism is because it could possibly turn into totalitarianism. People have feared the United States turning to socialism. Yes, there are more ideals of a socialist style, but we haven’t gone that way just yet. I think that there is always room for growth and distributing wealth is something the government talks about. We have had stimulus checks go out trying to give people more money during COVID. I think people obsess over ideas because all they are is just a plan, but you don’t go through with the plan and when you do it turns into an opportunity. Whenever there is a gap in society people tend to find a solution. If we have a socialist government, we will be paying more than we have. I agree that there are downsides to the economy of we change our style of government, but I don’t think we will ever change our style because we are built on one of the strongest foundations there is.

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