Week 05 - Totalitarian Government

"Is it possible to be under the reign of a totalitarian government without even realizing it?" @lavender22 /@lavender22/week-05-questions-central-planning

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As I was looking for a question to respond to, I kept coming back to this one. I think there is this stereotype to a totalitarian government, where there is a leader there are followers. Along with no personal freedoms or anything to make everyone different from each other. We all know North Korea is a great example. You have the leader, you have the followers, you have the laws, and you don’t hear about people who disagree with it on the inside. I don’t think there is any in between of a totalitarian government and a democracy. I feel like there could be a time in the process of switching over to a totalitarian government to not be completely aware of it. In the beginning you could see great change about to happen and a solid structure. You could also agree and see it as the best situation ever. With every leader or president there is changing waiting to happen. Maybe new laws or new decisions being made where people aren’t happy, in a totalitarian government you have no say. Usually, the leader was born into the family and now it’s their turn to make the family proud. They don’t have a term limit they go until they are on their death bed. If we were ever to switch over to a totalitarian government, I think we would see the red flags. So is it possible to be under the reign of a totalitarian government: yes and no. If this is a new government system and you love the ideas and laws, you could be completely blind to the no personal freedoms. No, it isn’t possible because people have seen the history of what totalitarian governments can turn into.

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