What Is It Like Being Part Of OCD's Onboarding Program?

Before I became a part of OCD’s onboarding team, I was inviting some of my friends that I think would have the benefit of using Hive with their notable talent in writing and photography. One of the new Hivers that I successfully invited to the community is @itsmiessyonpeakd, without using any referral link, I just sent her my @peakd blog page because I didn't know what other link or landing page I would use to easily invite new users.

FYI, I didn’t explain to her yet what really the platform is all about, I just told her that I use Hive to share my blogs and I earn a little (but I was also honest that some blogs I barely earn but everything is a learning process). Since I know that she’s been on WordPress before, sharing her stories and some of her crafts, I thought she deserves to be on Hive and get rewarded for her sharing content. And I was just shocked when she sent me a message on FB messenger that she created an account. I was so proud of her for doing it by herself and oh she didn't forget to save the passwords which to me shows how responsible a kind of person she is (well she always is) and that she really paid attention to details when she was signing up. Am really proud of her that she was able to make it here on her own and she's consistently blogging three times a week.

I didn't know about the hiveonboarding.com that the @roomservice created if it wasn't for @acidyo sharing this information on this post.

When @acidyo learned that I was bringing some new users to the platform, he invited me to join his OCD onboarding team. He asked me to contact his team on the discord channel, at first I was reluctant to join the discord channel because I haven't used Discord for over three years and don't really have all the time in the world to join a group chat! Am not even active on Facebook and Instagram or any other social media sites other than Hive. But it was the easiest way to collaborate with him and his team. And when I read more about the OCD community, it was only then I realized he was the owner. So of course he doesn't also have all the time in the world to be answering all my questions like finding the discord link! (Being resourceful and making time for learning is one of the good traits that will help us succeed not just on Hive but in the real world).

But seriously the OCD community on the discord channel…

is more than just a place to chat, it's also your digital library to access informative articles like Criteria for a Quality Post, General Information About Hive, Formatting Techniques, and many more! Am glad I explored outside my blog page because if not, I wouldn't be able to discover this awesome project of acidyo and it made it easier to invite people to sign up using the VIP link because all they need is a username with the same as the name of their blog page and within seconds account is created. As simple as that. How much more could be easier! I recommend you read more about it the project through this post.

Within two weeks time, I was able to onboard another 13 people using the VIP links. And got my badge "B/Referer" (when you referred ten new members), maybe a celebration for others but little things that others don't know the effort that the person would put out to educate on the basics of the Hive. Because even after they signed up, it is my responsibility to guide them on their journey here and we all know it is a lot of work and requires a lot of energy. So, teaching them a little bit of time and organically is what I am trying to do. So if you are promoting Hive to your peers and other people you probably already know the struggles and making them write their posts (unless they're like @itsmiessyonpeakd) but we have to take a step back and realized that other people have different priorities in life and maybe they're not really interested in the platform, to begin with instead they were just hyped by your presentation. Also, we have to respect their time and decisions, let them decide when they want to start using their account. Although it would also help to check on them every now and then.

Although not everyone here can write like most bloggers, and like @ybanezkim26's, most of us know that he just raised the bar up high. I remember my introduction post (it was the other platform back then) I only wrote short paragraphs, with probably six sentences. So, giving them a simple guideline on what to write in their introduction post, would probably make it easier for them to make their first post. You can check out @livinguktaiwan post, and her post; "3 things Newbies should do in their first week on Hive" to help you guide your new onboarded Hivers.

Also, you can follow @newbies-guide, there are a lot of good collections of articles for newbies. You can add it to favorites or just like what I do, add it to your list as "Newbie Guide" so it's easier for you to locate the page.

The benefit of onboarding new Hivers using OCD's VIP link:

  • They only need to input their preferred username, (which is also the name of their blog page) instead of signing up with a mobile number and email address. This helps the process become easier.

Some newbies do not understand that this sign-up process isn't the same as signing up on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media website. That is why it is important to remind them to save the passwords by downloading it or copy-pasting it to their notepad and have it secured.

If they forget their username and password and didn't save it nor set up a recovery account, there's no way to retrieve or recover the account. And sign-ups should understand that every account created using the OCD's VIP link is equivalent to money. They created those using their free account credits through the delegations (delegations are equivalent to money), and those delegations are from the people in the community. So it is such a big waste if one person who signed up didn't save the passwords during the sign-up process or if the person who signed up ended up not using the account because it a waste of not only time that the person invited or and OCD's account creation credit.

  • They will automatically be added to the onboarding curating program.

This means that if they signed up using OCD's VIP sign-up link, they will receive an upvote from OCD depending on the quality of their post. If you will check out @itsmiessyonpeakd's posts, she gets an upvote from ocd and acidyo on the posts that I submitted on the "onboarded-curation" on OCD's discord channel. Yes, you have to manually submit the posts, so acidyo can manually review and curate them. This is a good way to motivate the new members.

Now, this is something that OCD team is vigilant of because others can abuse the use of the VIP sign-up link in creating their own account instead of giving it to others. So, I am giving you a heads up now, if that is your intention you better not even bother joining the OCD's Hive onboarding because the team is highly going to track you down and you are just going to ruin your reputation here. Nobody is perfect but if we guide and help each other here whenever we see the opportunity to do it, we could make this community even a better place and inspired people to start using the hive platform.

So that is it for now, don't forget to check out OCD's article on how to be part of the on-boarding program here. And on my next blog, I will be sharing the preparation we've been working on for the upcoming Seminar in Cebu. Also, what @ybanezkim26, @indayclara, and I had discussed yesterday during our meet-up. I really appreciate their time helping me organize the flow of the whole presentation.

Don't have a hive account, yet? Signing up is now made easy with @OCD's onboarding project!
Just take a photo of the yellow card, send it to my IG or FB account, and I will personally guide you with your sign-up process.☺️

Also, there will be a free seminar on the 3rd of July for those who are interested in learning more about the Hive blockchain. Limited seats only. Read more about it here.

All participants will get a chance to win 1,000pesos cash and other giveaways but must present their access pass to get eligible. If you didn't receive yours please contact (itspurepinay) on FB messenger or Instagram. Go to this link to reserve your seat.


Sample of Access Pass For the Seminar

Sample of VIP Sign-Up Ticket

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Hive Onboarding Program In Partnership with @OCD


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