My Shamanic Guitar - My guitar style - Nahu Padilla "Puku"

My Shamanic Guitar / My guitar style - Nahu Padilla


When I was 12 years old I wanted to play saxophone or drums, but not guitar I hear music as such since 5 years of age already at 6, i was listen heavy metal and rock and punk, were my extreme rocking years, being a boy, I did not like the music to play it but if to hear it later when I was 12 years old my mother put me in guitar lessons so that I forgot about the subject of my cancer´s tumor (in my back).

The tumors in my spine came out because I fell from a moving horse at full speed back, I threw myself because the thorns were buried in my body because the horse entered by some bushes of lemons and tore me all over my body, when I was 7 years old and I fell from that height and my foot got tangled in the stirrup and I crawled a few more meters, then that's what I got. Before that I hated the guitar, I only stayed for 1 month in classes d 4 and guitar at the Yamaha school and I bought myself a manual and learned by playing a little songs and watching my friends play the guitar as well.



In the year 96 I think I learn about 6 months of guitar with Pablo Mendoza, and then in 2000 I’d take classes with Aquiles Baez 3 days, a workshop and in 2010 with Hugo Fuguett on jazz, 1 day, which made a clinic and almost 3 years ago in 2010 I got into a conservatory, the Juan Sebastian Bach and lasted 3 or 4 months and that is all my training. My father left home when I was about 12 or 13 years old and at the age of 16, I had to work to pay for my own school, and help with the expenses of the house sometimes light or telephone, while I was going to treat myself with radiotherapies in the clinic and went to school, all at once, with everything and that I graduated in the top of 10 of the prom, and from my job, which was of the same importance. I don't know how to read scores, but if I learned them by heart, and at 16 or 17 years of age at night I sometimes played in nightclubs as well.


But when I was 17 years old when the bus ran over me, my father was 1 month dead and I was forced to his mass. The brown wheels ran over my 2 legs, I sat on the asphalt and my right arm fell and hit the sidewalk dislocated my right wrist, and I broke my fingers, I saw them like broken fans....I didn't care if I would return or not to walk I saw me was the hand and cried saying I won't play but the guitar at the end normal weight I spent 4 months without walking in a bed without moving, all plastered and just took the plaster off my hand I grabbed a guitar the same day in the afternoon and I started to give him hours and hours it was never the same cost me to recover but I managed it, but then I got a tumor in my head. Every time I take it in my hands, I make love to her... my transcendental guitar transcendence because now that I make ethnic Venezuelan music, indigenous music my guitar doesn't sound, it speaks... stop making scales, stop playing fast,... stop playing fast. I keep teething. with the guitar on the nape of the neck and with the guitar on the back, like when I started but now it's another concept.


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My guitar is a healing shaman who when you hear it transports you to other spheres other dimensions of cosmic consciousness, working the ancestral. so I try to transcend every time I make a note I try to transcend a little beyond the guitar as an instrument of wood and strings of metal, without knowing what scale or what way on board... simply cross the limits of the mast, and reality... I love to experiment and based on that... heal others. Although I don't really "know" how to play the guitar... I give him "my own style" but until there, I love to improvise when I play especially with virtuoso musicians, I love to experiment and also to play the drums, the keyboards, the bass and to sing I love everything and I hate everything because any "artist" or musician is always nonconform to what he does but if there is something that I hate, as it is the ego, the people lack humility.... and those characters abound in Venezuela... in every corner, in every guataca, in every conservatory...In every "virtuoso" I preferred to leave the platforms to get into the studio and record myself in the studio rather than travel, I went to Amazonas and the Gran Sabana asking me to wait in line for my thesis of the university, that was before I fell from the paraglider that left me some time without walking well but at least I was able to finish the thesis that was ethnical photography so I am the only theorist in that area in the country and I could mix it with the rest of the world.

But I hadn't understood the meaning of making an ethnic band... I know the best anthropologists and ethnomusicologists in Venezuela, they were my teachers and professors of life and the university. many, those who are still alive are my friends now and appreciate the music of my band, of Washe, we have read and researched a lot just to record each song, many books, a lot of information collected... and still I hadn't understood my band... until this year I entered the shaman route, looking to transcend and evolve at all. And together with my project Shamanico that takes the route of the shamanic and healing guitar along other new paths. Thank you for reading and blessings.




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