I'm engaged!

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My boyfriend/fiance finally asked me to marry him on our trip to Dalat!
Dalat was such a romantic city and it was the perfect place to get engaged in Vietnam. I am very grateful to my future husband for such a wonderful proposal.

Originally, he had a perfect plan for the proposal, but because of the cold weather in Dalat (and also I didn't feel well that day), he had to change the plan a couple of times.

So we went to this place you can ride a rollercoaster on the mountain. The last time I was on the rollercoaster was about 15 years ago... Yup I'm not a big fan of rollercoasters lol. I was all worried and nervous about the rollercoaster the whole time. Thankfully the rollercoaster wasn't that scary and it has the break you can control so it was pretty fun.

When we went down the mountain by a roller coaster, I saw this beautiful waterfall called Datanla Falls in front of me. And... the proposal happened. He knelt and asked me to marry him. He looked really nervous and I was surprised because he never gets nervous haha. I didn't think I was going to cry but I realized my tears covered all over my face lol.

Of course, I'm dying to celebrate our engagement with our families and friends in real life and also I want to jump into planning on my wedding that I've been dreamt for forever but I know this is the time I need to be more patient and be grateful for what I have now.


I wanted to share my life milestone with my Hive friends who are hiding somewhere lol. And here's my ring ;) I'm really happy with the ring, I think it suits my style and the size is so perfect!

With Love.

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