[EN] Competitions, Alpha open and arrival of Paypal

Hello to all,

A few new features are on the agenda

Reopening of registrations

Registrations are once again open. No more need to go through Discord to activate your account. Users creating an account via an email address will receive a link to activate their account.


The competitions are starting. There will be monthly contests starting December 1st and weekly contests starting December 7th.
Here are the prizes to be won:

1st5000 nuggets + 50 gems1000 nuggets + 10 gems
2nd3750 nuggets + 25 gems750 nuggets + 5 gems
3rd2500 nuggets + 10 gems500 nuggets + 2 gems
4th1250 nuggets + 5 gems250 nuggets
5th500 nuggets + 2 gems100 nuggets
6th to 10th100 nuggetsX

Two types of competitions :

  • Activities: Work and hunt to the maximum. Players who spend the most time on these activities will be rewarded.
  • Weight: Eat while you can. Those who gain the most weight will be rewarded. Working out to lose weight will not reduce the weight gained for the rankings.

Another type of competition will be coming soon. Just until I check that everything is working.


You can now buy gems via Paypal.

That will be all for now
In the meantime, don't forget to follow us, vote and share the post and join us on Discord

Have a nice day