D00k13.com Is Live!!! Still Under Construction 👍

This has been a long time coming, nearly 2 months since I registered the domains and many moons since the idea originally came of having a website portfolio for all that I do. Basic concept and design is done, links working but much of the details missing other than the main and about pages. Please let me know what you think d00k13.com 🙏


Learn & Earn

My last post I wrote about square one and how I’m feeling these days. Back when I first started into blogging, square one was a central location to follow up on my activities and be able to follow along. Then it was crypto mining with HashFlare and Faucets all of which I tried to review and link with referrals of course. Now after 2 years I find I actually have something to teach. I was a @Partiko Mentor after all so maybe I can take what I learned from that and apply it for my journey forwards. Knowing the concept of “Always Be Selling” while maintaining a sense of morality and consumer confidence is key to any marketing efforts. So the question remains... what exactly am I wanting to sell?


Self Empowerment

My first mentor on STEEM taught me this and in a moment of distrust between us our community @OneLoveDTube split and @STEEMpowerment was born. It really drove home to me that his intentions always were pure much after the fact when long after leaving the platform he decided to touch base with me, make sure I was still personally good. Everyone needs a helping hand now and again but once you find your means of self empowerment those moments become far less frequent and non-detrimental.


I Will Start From Square One and sell the journey of how I got here. Not here as in a “holder of tokens” but here as in “free from self punishment through creative means”. I wish to emphasize how gamifying the systems available for rewards will lead you on a skill building conquest. Through that conquest you will create valuable content. With that content will come the ultimate desires of acceptance and fulfillment. Lastly through creation no matter the means I believe each person can find themselves, as I have, what more can we truly desire?

Yes, I am semi-angling at those that need a distraction and/or wish for easy earnings but my hope is to lead whom ever I draw in to find what it is they need. Not what they want, what they need even if they don’t know what that is yet!

Do they need online activities? Possibly not yet could not @Actifit be used to encourage someone to take a few extra steps that day even if the goal is to get likes and rewards? Could not @eSteem be used to encourage longer form mobile writing with their consistent curation efforts? Could not @DTube be used to get familiar with quality video creation chasing their and other whales votes? I could go on further with individual projects and initiatives but you should get my point. The point is not the rewards. The point is personal development with incentives to do so!

I Wouldn’t Be “Here” Otherwise

This is what I am wishing to teach and it just so happens the tools I have discovered can give those incentives in means more widely sought after then being the best that you can be. After all if it was easy it wouldn’t need incentives.









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