Email Marketing is Coming to the Blockchain! Are you Ready?


Hello everyone!

With the relaunch of ListNerds coming really really soon, maybe it would be useful to gather up some information about what is a Mailer and where these programs come from and what are they.

Because for some of us who come from CTP and from an Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing world we might know a thing or two about it but we must not forget the rest of the Hive family who comes from a variety of places and maybe don't have a slight idea what's this that we are trying to bring to this Blockchain!

Email Marketing, if used the right way, has some similarities to what we try to do here on Hive: create content, build engagements and relationships but through emails! Because I'm almost sure you check your inboxes at least once a day!

I recall making a post about Mailers and I tried to find's funny that it's dated January 14, 2021, almost a year ago! I'm going to quote myself from the post:

Mailers, or Safelists, are membership sites that allow their members to exchange emails with one another. That means that you would be able to email an advertisement to the entire membership of a safelist and in exchange, you would agree to receive email ads from other members.
For affiliate marketers, is a way to give traffic to their funnels, lead capture pages, or owned programs. By giving traffic I mean giving views, showing people your pages so they can join/subscribe to them, in this case. On a mailer would be an email with content and a link about their pages.

Through the years these worked well as a traffic source and I can still today get a couple of subscribers, but years have passed and owners kept doing the same thing and eventually even how the pages look seems so outdated and no sign of improvement.

If you run a business, whether a membership program like a Mailer or anything else, even an offline business!

If you want your customers/members and future new ones coming and keep coming to your business, you need to keep re-evaluating, improving and adapting to the changes that may come, like blockchain and crypto for example!

Because the way to do things from 20 years ago (and sometimes less than that because of the constant changes) may not work or won't work at all today!

That's why you should be open to feedback, be up to date and learn and be teachable!


This also works for the members inside in these types of membership programs, Mailers as well as Traffic Exchanges, or even advertising programs in general. Either other business owners use these to advertise or affiliates promote other people's businesses, if you want to stand out and let your message be spread and heard/watched/read, you will need to change it, improve it and re-evaluate every time!

Mailers shouldn't be used as a place to promote your stuff per se, but mostly to track and test and improve your writing skills! Because Email/Content Marketing is the key to building your brand, your reputation, relationships and eventually building your own mailing list!

So...why relaunch ListNerds and put it on the Blockchain?

Besides making this Mailer better, improved, modern and unique, it has a new feature that no one has come up with yet in the Email Marketing industry!

Instead of constant opening and clicking just for the sake of credits so people can send their own mails for more constant opening and clicking...without even reading or changing anything on their mail! The Affilliatech boys came up with a way to make people pay more attention to what they send and read and get rewarded in the process!

Rewarded in a "blockchained", "cryptonized" way!

Shhhh!! Let me be!

Anyway...Sounds simple especially for Hive peeps who are used to buying, selling, trading and staking and all that jazz that we are used to, but for the "outsiders", it may take some time. On a positive note, this can open a new door to bring more people to Hive, at least that was always one of the main goals after all!

So things were kept as simple as possible and there will be tutorials inside ListNerds, in video and text! least we tried!

I'll be ready for the incoming support tickets so bring it on!

For the latest post about the relaunch and other goodies click here!

Don't forget to come to join us on the Thursday Night Live tomorrow (or later today if you are on my side of time lol) at 8 pm Eastern for the relaunch party!

Thank you for your support and hopefully, this will be a nice extra asset to our beloved Hive Blockchain!

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