The master numbers 88 and 99, I have found, exist in words by their full totals only. The 88 is a number of the master executive. By full word total it has such words as:
Agreement. Apostle. Conference. Dignity. Excellence. Exercise. Pianist. Pleasant. Proper. Vision.
To me it is particularly interesting that Pianist should have the full number of 88, for the instrument played has 88 keys. Excellence (88) is achieved by Exercise (88) resulting in Pleasant (88) sounds.
8 and 8 = 16/7, and 7 is the root that represents analytical study, spirituality, and perfecting the self. The words above reflect the positive side of the 16/7 vibration. The 16 is known as a karmic number and corresponds with the 16th Tarot card, the Lightning Struck Tower, that de picts ruin unless the spirituality of the 7 is sought. When the mind is kept on a purely physical level it becomes Poison to the body (Poison’s full word total is 88/16/7). But when consciousness is raised to the spirituality of the 7, the great power of the double eight blossoms forth in the full fledged Apostle with his Vision, the Pianist who reaches Excellence through Exercise, and all is Pleasant and Proper.
Since H is the eighth letter, 88 = HH. Each H is a ladder up to success or down to failure. The 8 is a picture of the cycle of all life, and success is due to continual application of the governing laws.
Credit - The Secret Science of Numerology

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