Week 07 -- Socialism Response

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When someone says the word "socialism," what countries come to mind? Why? @mackenziejones /@mackenziejones/week-07-questions-the-current

So, when I first thought about it my mind went to communism. I get very confused with the ism terms. I immediately thought about North Korea or Germany in the 1940’s. Socialism is when everything is public rather than private. Meaning control of property, natural resources and ownership. It is clearly the opposite of capitalism where everything is private. I know this is beside the point, but I don’t think we could live in a socialist society because there is no privacy, and everyone must work together. I truly believe that some aspects to all types of government styles work but you must figure out what works best in that time period. Like the housing bubble, it might’ve worked then but it might not work now. All countries go through that. China is a communist country and a socialist country. That makes me think of a question: Does socialism lead to communism? I think possibly yes and possibly no. If everyone is being public there won’t be as many ideas because people will be overbearing and take all the credit for something they didn’t do. Or even not listen to everyone’s opinion and I think that people would get annoyed so they would rather hear one opinion. The leader would then have the best opinion, and everyone will be close minded. No, because when everyone is forced together more opinions circulate, and it creates a brainstorming session. I think that since they are forced together, they will agree at some point. When I hear the word socialism, I think of China or Cuba. Cuba is a communist country as well as a socialist country. China’s government is in control of all the business to make sure nothing gets out of hand. The good thing about socialism is it makes everything equal. I picked the image above because in a socialist government everyone is the same. Yes, people still can step out of line, but the government is watching closely to fix it.

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