What is wisdom?

"Meeting with a Wise Person What Sort of Questions Would You Ask?" is @ecotrain's QOTW (the question of the week).

I did my best to think of someone but I do not consider one person in the world wise.
Age says nothing about wisdom neither does study or reading books. I never had a hero or admired someone or been crazy, a fanatic fan, of someone. People can inspire me, make me wonder but so do animals. I observed people for many years and did the same with animals.
I rarely ask and the days I liked to know "why" are over. It's not in me to believe what "they" say, belief, think or tested.

"If you were to meet with a wise person/sage what sort of questions would you ask?
If you were meeting with an elder or folks that had lived for decades, like your grandparents what would you want to know from them?"

I would not ask anything if I meet a wise person or perhaps I would ask what that person makes think he/she is wise.
What is wisdom?
An elder or folks who had lived for decades? It depends how long ago and how long ago it is they died. It might be interesting to ask my great grandmother some questions. I like to know more about her and the nuts house they dumped her at. It's no problem if she doesn't speak to me I can observe her too. She probably is shocked to find out she has black great-grandchildren or who knows she doesn't care.

If it comes to it I do not like to ask questions at all. I rather go back into time and see for myself, go back to the times I remember from long ago to see what is true or is a brainwash of the present time and century.

Is there anything I like to teach someone, leave a wise lesson behind for...?
No, there's not. I write a lot, always did. Who knows me can read what I write, how I ramble on or say nothing useful at all. I said what I wanted to say and those who it concern know and can do with it as I like. No one needs to live my life, have my experiences, it's better to gather your own. People do not learn from history so why should they learn from me?


Wisdom can not be found or expressed in words but noticed by deeds.

Niemand heeft de wijsheid in pacht.

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