QOTW: #21: My Spiritual Experiences : Share a spiritual experience or story you have had.

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I believe that we have a spirit and I experienced an unforgettable one 16 years ago. There was also time back 1983, it was the first time I learned that human has a spirit.

Let us begin my story during the day before the death of my husband. It was 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I was cleaning the 44 steps stairway of the house. I noticed a brown little butterfly or what we called moth. I wondered how it goes inside the very close building here in Saudi Arabia. The door was always closed. I noticed it following at me when I moved going down. He came to my hand and felt like sipping my blood and never afraid of me. I just let him stay in front of me until I finished.
My own photography and this is how the moth looks like.

After that, I got inside the house doing some of my household tasks of that day until the night before I slept.

My room before was located at the rooftop. It was exactly 11:30 pm, I started lying on my bed. It was the winter season of December 26, 2004. When I fall asleep, I heard the notification bell of my phone at 1:00 am. I opened it though I was too sleepy when I saw the name of my sister who was the one who sent the message. I found out that she was informing me about the death of my husband before the arrival in the hospital at night. 1:30 am here in Saudi Arabia is 6:30 in the Philippines.

I forgot to sleep anymore and burst out crying. He was only 34 years old without any signs of illness. I recalled what had happened last afternoon. I closed my eyes and remember the moth who stayed closer to me while cleaning the stairs. He was still alive at that time. 5 p.m is 10 p.m in the Philippines. My son told me that his father had a complaint about the unbearable headache at dawn like 1 a.m in the Philippines and died on tgeir way to the hospital. They went to the city hospital but the doctor declared dead before the arrival.

So I realized that human has Atspirit not only after his death. He showed himself to me before his death. 5 p.m here. At that hour my son told me that they were sleeping together without any sign that his father was already leaving him. That was the last slept with his father.

My son recalled a story that during the Christmas party of Decholdsr 25, 2004, his father sang a g Bohemian Rhapsody with a cryptic message. When he holds the microphone, he requested everyone to listen to his last song.

He said in our language;

"Mga kaigsoonan ko Alabina sa akong anak, paminawa ninyo ang akong katapusan na kKantapahinungod ko kaninyong tanan. I love you!"

In English;
"My beloved brother and sisters most especially to my son, please listen to my last song dedicated to all of you. I love you!"

They thought that he was only joking. They had enjoyed the party with all his co-workers on that farm where they lived. They ended the party without any sign that it was truly the last Christmas and birthday party of my husband.

Aside from what I experienced about my husband's death with his spirit, I also encountered the spirit of my Uncle who showed up during his wake at night. He was still at my grandmother's house when I saw him standing under the coconut tree. There was nobody around, we were all inside the h se performing without vigil nightly. It happened the day before his burial.

He died while sleeping without any sign. He slept inside the store of my grandfather and found out there was nobody open the store. It was already morning when they found out that my Uncle was dead inside while sleeping.

That is why I believe that there is a spirit not only after we are already dead. It may separate from us during our sleep like what the spirit of my husband, how many miles away from the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia but he did it in form of a butterfly or moth. I believe it was him because I felt the surrounding was so cold and there was a different fragrance that I couldn't explain on that time. I ignored it first until my sister wrote a message about the eternal reposed of my husband. It was terrible and unbearable sadness that I had.

A spirit is a force that influences the will of people. A spirit can be an anonymous force responsible for the atmosphere in a meeting of people, or for the mood within a person, it can also be as personal as the spirit of other people who shape our daily actions. It is called a spirit because it relates not to matter but to mind, soul, and feelings. Spirits can be loving, harmless or dangerous, fleeting or powerful, discreet or haunting, helping or hurting. They can inhabit places, memories, books, or people.

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