Join me in this 21 Day Abundance challenge! Love, health, money, friends, what could we all use more of?

One of my longest friends asked me if I would join her challenge.
I didn't know what it meant but I know her so I agreed right away.
After day 2 I realized I wanted to do something similar but here on Hive.
I haven't been around much lately, so what better than to host a challenge that requires my attention every day?
So here it goes.


A little intro would be good

Yeah,so I didn't personally come up with this as mentioned before.
The whole idea came from quite a well known self-made guru. He's not my favorite person in the world but sometimes he has some good things in his repertoire. This is one of those things.
I will not reveal his name just yet because it doesn't really matter yet. It will all come to light eventually.

Anyone who knows me here will have heard me mention the Law of Attraction before and how I'm a firm believer. You get what you ask for in short. Goes around, comes around. In a good way (or bad way if you ask for it, which we won't).
I also firmly believe that nothing happens without a reason.
It was meant to be for my friend to ask me to join, just as much as it was meant to be to post this here now.

The most important part is that people join this challenge, have a great time doing it, and maybe our lives will change a bit along the way. Sounds good? It does to me!

So what does abundance mean really?


To me personally, real abundance is when it applies itself in every aspect of life. Having tons of money is no good to someone if they're poorly all the time, or have no love or friends in their lives. You can be rich beyond belief and still be miserable.

So for me, abundance would have to manifest itself in the form of

- great friends, love (this can come in many forms as well),

- the freedom to go wherever and whenever I would want to go, freedom in general really,

- good health, great energy

- And yes, financial abundance is also in that list.

It would surely help to take away worry, pay for the great things in life, and even help a few other people along the way.

It's a fact that there is enough of pretty much everything for everyone in the world. There's an abundance of food, land, water, health, wealth for everyone. Most of it has just been 'misplaced' in the hands of people who don't really care much for the rest of us. It's time for a change, don't you think?

What abundance means to you? Well, it's something that YOU will have to find out for yourself.

So what's the deal?

OK, so what I need from every single one who likes to participate is to let me know in the comments below. ­čí╗­čí╗­čí╗

You will have to be willing to commit to this for 21 days. I will make a new post with instructions every day and I will give assignments on what to do. Most assignments won't cost you more than about half an hour to do but of course, you're free to put more or less time into it. It's completely up to yourself! However, if you think you can't commit to the full 21 days, it's better to wait and start another time. This is because we really want to get a certain flow of energy going and keep it going.
There will be some meditation practice too, which won't take more than 20 minutes.

The Challenge will start this Sunday, with Sunday being Day 0.
I will post the instructions Sunday and Monday will be Day 1.

I am following the instructions given to me as much as I can, however, I like to give my own little spin to it. In the original, no one asked to see any of the work done by the participants. I would like to change that!
I would love to see how you do this! How you manage to do the assignments, if there are any changes yet, if you're having fun, doubts, enjoying the assignments, or not. I want to hear it! It's completely up to yourself, you don't have to but it would be nice to see some posts coming about this.

Calling upon our birth right of Abundance in this time could change things, DRASTICALLY!


OK, so the main reason why I want to do this now is because of all the events that have been going on in the world recently.
I don't think I have to mention any of it. Everyone knows what we've all been dealing with the last few months.
So when you're thinking of what is important in your life, which aspect you'd like to be more abundant in, then maybe it's also a great idea to add others in this story as well. As an example: if you are fine, but your friend is really worried about what has been going on, maybe you could add this to one of your assignments. Ask for abundant health for that person(s), or for everyone, or maybe for strength, faith, abundant finances to overcome stress and worry, etc. etc. It's up to you!

I think this could become a game changer!

I really do! But I need YOU to join me in this.

I will leave it at this for today. I hope to hear from all of you wonderful people! Please join the fun! It will be so much better than watching people argue among each other on FB or Twitter. I promise!

Oh, and did I mention that I might even throw some kind of prize at this? Well now you do! I haven't quite figured it out yet but that will come as we go.

You don't have to share this post but it would be greatly appreciated if you do.

I will post more information tomorrow for those who are joining.

Don't forget to to let me know if you want to join in the comments below. ­čí╗­čí╗­čí╗­čí╗­čí╗­čí╗


Thank you for reading!


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