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Mycelic Morphoids are in a constant state of growth and development. As part of Queen Mycelia's brood, Morphoids work to spread the growing blight on Praetoria. Infected themselves by the poison, they take root near streams and rivers, contaminating it with the blight. In turn, the waters feed them, and a second Morphoid sprouts from the original. Together, the two travel as one until they split and continue the process.
Twisted roots and poisonous pointed vines covered the ground of the Mugamp Bog. The botanist crouched down to take a sample of a single strange white mushroom in the underbrush. A fine addition to her collection. Since the disappearance of Doctor Alastair Lexington, the university had sent other explorers to Praetoria. One account was to locate him; the other was to get more plant samples.

Sudden movement behind caught the attention of the botanist. She circled around on the balls of her feet to catch sight of it.

“Must have been the wind.”

Turning around to collect more of the fungus, the botanist stared down at multiple where the one had been. “Peculiar. They seem to have sprouted instantly.”

She reached out to pluck a few more from the ground.



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