Ecency Chance: A new game

Hello everyone, in today's post I announce the creation of a small game titled "Ecency Chance".This is just a fun game, that'll allow all
users to engage, and enjoy themselves. Increasing viewers, is very difficult for new users, and we hope that this will help our new members in the long run.


Very simple rules

All answers must be, in a yes or no format

No abuse on points or rewards accepted

Keep engaging

So, mates without further ado, let's start the game

Q.1 Will the price of Hive go up tomorrow?

Q.2 Can Hive be used as a marketplace?

Q.3 Is the value of HBD greater than liquid Hive?

Users getting all three answes correct will share 200 ecency points, if only one user gets all three answers correct then the reward will be adjusted.

Have a great week

Ecency Chance v.1



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