My hobby// writing contest

What a great surprise or coincidence! The topic of this contest came up exactly at the very moment of my leisure!

All I can say is thank God for the topic of this contest as it succeeded in providing me an opportunity to sincerely express or share the beautiful feelings am currently having as I am enjoying my leisure with what I so much love!

In order to 'hit the nail on the head', my hobby is listening to or playing music! Yes I know very well that music is loved by many, but each moment I listen to or play music I do have an experience right inside of me that I somehow conclude that music was made primarily for me alone! I SO MUCH LOVE MUSIC!

My love for music is beyond what words alone can express! Execuse me! I sleep well while listening to music, I drive my car with joy and feel like not parking because of the music in the car, I enjoy my meals more while listening to music, I don't have issues missing my meals as far as I am playing music with my small acustic guitar, the list goes on. In fact, my life without music is what I can only imagine!

Therefore, music is always my favorite and automatic sphere I switch over to at my leisure! This is where I get refreshment for my body and soul!

Because of the love I have for music, nothing matters to me most than music! And to be particular, my music is basically the Gospel music!

Simply put as a way of summary, LISTENING TO MUSIC AND OR PLAYING MUSIC is my hobby!

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