A Whale of a Tale!


This story was written by @IntheNow and me for the contest to name the Ecency whale.

It was a black day on Content Bay. The skies grew dark with a quickness, and the spam levels were rising.

Little Ollie had lost his way and separated from his pod when the maelstrom hit. It was a fierce storm that took everyone in his pod by surprise. When the spam levels on Content Bay rise, you can expect a nasty storm to pop up, but not like this storm. This storm was different.

The spam waves rose ever higher with increasing intensity. They swept away his parents incredibly fast. It really scared Ollie.

He missed his parents and his twin sister Hollie. The last words he heard were to remember the plan should anything happen if they get separated. Go to Cape Lookout, on the southern end of Content Bay, where the lighthouse is located.

Ollie had a good sense of direction for such a young whale, and he swam south, headed for the lighthouse. It was just before dawn, and Ollie could finally see the bright light rotating around the top of the lighthouse.


Hive Tower was a welcome sight, and Ollie patiently waited for his mom, dad, and the rest of his pod to show up. Day after day, no one came. Ollie was getting worried. He needed to keep himself busy, so he decided to do what the elder whales in his pod did and elevate the excellent content found while swimming on the shores of Cape Lookout.

He would blow water from his spout under the content, and it would rise way up in the sky. Ollie continued to do the work his parents would do and, in his mind, make them proud.

Soon the people walking the shorelines and lying on the beach began to take notice of Ollie and what a good job he was doing, elevating quality content and keeping Content Bay a nice place to be.


One day, he was swimming past Hive Tower, looking to see if his parents somehow made it back... a stranger was staring at Ollie with a curiosity that made Ollie quite suspicious.

Ollie swam away from the stranger keeping his distance for a bit, just to be safe. As he was elevating some quality content, the stranger called to Ollie...

"Hello, my friend!" A strange voice called out.

Ollie looked around and caught sight of a human walking the shoreline, keeping pace with Ollie as he swam.

"You are doing an excellent job for the citizens of Content Bay, keeping things neat and tidy. Might I ask your name?" The stranger asked.

"My name is Ollie, and I am part of the Moderation Pod!" Ollie proclaimed, letting the stranger know he was essential to the community.

"That is a great name for a whale, and it fits you nicely."

"My name is Ecency, and you can find my content on Content Bay. I usually go by @ecency. I am quite sure that you have seen what I do." The mysterious stranger replied, and he was beginning to be not such a stranger anymore.

"Yes, I have seen what you do for Content Bay, and I thank you for your help in elevating more quality content. Ollie De'Cency is my proper name, and I find it quite odd that I would run into someone named Ecency on the shores of Content Bay. I am not quite sure what to make of this situation yet." Ollie said, with a puzzled look on his face.

"I am here doing my part too while waiting for my family and the rest of my pod to meet up with me after that maelstrom hit. We got separated!" Ollie said, with a shade of sadness in his voice.


"I am very sorry to hear that you got separated from your family, Ollie," Ecency replied.

"Since you are waiting for your parents and elevating content.. how about we work together to make Content Bay a wonderful place to post?" Ecency asked, with a smile on his face.

The ideas floating around Ecency's mind began taking shape, and he devised a solid plan to help Ollie and everyone else.

"I require a whale to help me with my new content platform. Would you be interested in helping me?"

"You have a certain look about you, and I am sure we could be partners. We could elevate quality content together and make the world take notice of Hive Tower and Content Bay!" Ecency shouted out, hoping the sky would part and the sun shines down upon them at this very moment.

"All I have to do is what I am doing now?" Ollie asked.

"Yes, that is all there is to it, and I need you to be the face of Ecency."

"Would you like to be famous, Ollie?" Ecency asked, with a slight smile on his face.

"Yes, I think I will be your partner while I wait for my family to return to me."

"I really miss my sister and parents, and I hope this fame will bring them home to me," Ollie replied.

"Your official title will be Sir Ollie of Ecency. Elevating quality content will be your official duty." Ecency proclaimed for all the world to hear.

"While we do our job of keeping Content Bay a happy place to inhabit, we will look for Hollie and your parents. Hive Tower on Cape Lookout is now your home away from home." Ecency stated.

"That sounds like an excellent plan to me," Ollie stated as he smiled wide.

Ollie and Ecency worked on their plans together, and the Ecency Platform was born. They worked together daily, waiting for that happy reunion for Ollie and his family.

Word spread of a priceless treasure being kept on Content Bay. Many people made the pilgrimage to see what all the rumors were about.


One such day...

We all be sailin' aboard me pirate ship, The Flying Down, with Capt'n Dreemie. Sailin' fast for Thursday's port -but we be headin' for a hidden sand bar! Unbeknownst to any pirate, this sand bar was newly created in the last storm of the area, and if we hit it - we'd be marooned there for days!

Lo and behold - a massive whale starts headin' our way...
"Capt'n! Whale off the port bow! She's headin' straight for us!!!"
Right before she hits me ship - she crests the water - almost takin' flight over the ship! She creates a MASSIVE SPLASH and wave that begins to push our ship out of the way of the sand bar.

"Blow me down!!! She's trying to steer us off course! All hands on deck!!!" I spin the wheel back on course and try to put us towards our treasure destination - heading BACK towards the sand bar. ~@melinda010100

Sir Ollie really hoped Ecency would show up soon. Those poor people in their fancy ship would be shipless if they didn't stop quickly. Sir Ollie really wished his twin sister Hollie was alongside him too. He was getting tired, and he missed his sister most of all.

Sir Ollie let out a whale cry while he was so tired and overwhelmed under the water.

Content Bay shook from the force of the sonic cry, and Ecency came running to see what was happening. Seeing the ship making straight for the sand bar made him shout for them to stop!!

Captian Dreemie saw the man waving his arms in distress. She yelled for the sails to be dropped. The vessel stopped just feet from the sandbar saving everyone on the ship from weeks of work.

A meeting was had between Ecency and Captain Dreemie while the rest of the shipmates and Sir Ollie looked on.


When hearing they were looking for the priceless treasure rumored to be on Content Island, Ecency laughed and told them all bout Sir Ollie and how he had saved them from ruin.

Ollie finally helped them safely navigate the ship to port. That evening a party, the likes never seen on Content Island, was had.

Sir Ollie was a little sad when he saw all the fun, being stuck alone in the water like he was. Then off to his left, the water started to rise. In the setting sun, he saw a silhouette of a whale jumping out of the water.

Could it be? Ollie swam closer to where he saw the whale last jump and ran right into his sister Hollie. Both whales sent sonic happy wails through the sea that were heard worldwide.

Sir Ollie and his twin Sister Lady Hollie found each other again and a great new home for them, never far from Hive tower.


This story was written by @IntheNow and me for the contest to name the Ecency whale. You can find the official post here: Name the Ecency Whale!

I hope you enjoy our story.

The payout of this post will be split between IntheNow and me.

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


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