Wild deer and winter walk

Wild deer are now in search of food, as the snow no longer allows them to find green grass. And someone has been to the forest and has given them a large amount of food, and a camera has also been installed near there... This winter I'm not the only one trying to get pictures of animals in this little forest, it's already getting very dense here and I hope the animals don't go far that they are always being watched... I can not go very far , there in far forest is also lot privet lands :)) . So I'll settle for this little bush right here where they sit and eat the food that was brought to them... I'll take also this opportunity to make some fast photos and then I go fast back home so I not annoy more.

But I be soon also back in forest ... I must get some cool winter photos also what makes wow feeling. But now I know where they sit all time , I not need to walk 2 or 3h in forest :))

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