CASH Transactions TO BE BANNED EU ?


Once again I come across the same news that they are trying to bring in across Europe ( I have seen same topic some last 8 years, now they make moves to do this when all have eyes on your CORONA ), it is very odd that all the big and small shops are allowed to do this. This means that you will no longer own your resources in bank in your company, nor to any payment system. Which means you have to ask permission or use the banks they show you.

It's all so weird, I don't understand how everyone's really going to let it take all from themselves. Some three men somewhere in front sits in a state institution in Europe and says you're not going to use that payment anymore and they decide now how you're going to pay. NO FREE MARKET, IT IS HISTORY .

Large CASH Transactions TO BE BANNED EU / Hugo Talks #lockdown

I highly recommend that you buy the gold and the XMR, because it seems to me very much that they will go up strongly over the next few years if the whole Europa and USA shit show collapses.

XMR- monero

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