From Esteem to Ecency

Thank you everyone for participating in guessing our new name. We are really impressed by engagement and suggested great names from community. If you are looking for new name for your brand go checkout that post.

For past 4 years, we always wanted to have .com website and better brand identity and name Esteem was too generic and popular English word. Even now, searching for the term usually ends up showing meaning of that word. So Hive hardfork helped us to make final decision and rebrand. But unlike other projects, we have many moving parts, website, mobile app and desktop app. So we have decided to launch proper website where you can do everything you can on mobile and desktop apps. We started rolling out changes in sequences.

Esteem to Ecency!


We are happy to announce our new home and name.


Ecency - /ˈɛs(ə)nsi/ means community and future for us (essence, decency).

Logo - after many iterations, we choose this logo, not only look like older logo with curly e sign but one can also see many different shapes in it - heart, swan, hat, waves, etc. Awesome work is done by our own @dunsky.

We will be launching our new website on 22/7. July 22nd, 2020 is also Pi approximation day, because 22 divided by 7 is close to mathematical Pi number (~3.14...).

Website: will be our new home.

Mobile and Desktop apps will receive update as well with improvements we have been working on.

Stay tuned and stay excited!

Let us know what ecency means to you when you hear/read/see it!

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