Announcing Ecency Vision

We just released Ecency Vision, our new website with new name and new look. Vision is codename for our website application, we couldn't be more happier to share it with you.


It is simple, fast and elegant. This is very early phase of website and we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

There are number of other changes in pipeline and in coming days we will roll them out. Most of the work on backend has been completed so most of the upcoming changes will be new features. For now, we will let you explore but first here are some quick notes.

What's new

  • New website (new development stack, new name, new domain)
  • New app account (
  • New navigation and user flow
  • New beneficiary (3% 1%)
  • New image hoster/upload instance
  • New mobile friendly user interface
  • New communities explorer
  • New wallet page
  • New continuous integrations and deployments
  • Drafts, bookmarks - coming very soon
  • Points integration - coming very soon
  • Activities integration - coming very soon
  • Notifications - coming soon

We have long list of missing features, that needs to be integrated with our existing infrastructure like signups, drafts, bookmarks, points, activities etc. so we will add them one after another. Big milestone is achieved, most of the heavy work related to backend and services completed. We will need your help testing it now.

Give Ecency a try and let us know if you find any issues!

Mobile updates also ready, we will do final tests and publish updates to Google PlayStore and AppStore this week. Mobile app has some exciting changes that makes your interaction with different communities super easy.

Stay tuned, stay excited! Don't forget to share news with your friends.

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