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Hello everyone my name is.....scratch that, haha. I'm not going to bore you out already, no way. I'll have to lure you in first and go for the kill. That's more like it, you know it's not that easy to that strategic, takes a lot of movies, novels and real life situations to get you there. Ok, enough of that unnecessary talk, let's get down to business.

It's Monday!, and if you're one who follows trends you'll know that it's the start of the Ecency and Dreemport July challenge and it promises to be so much fun.

I'm a little bit disappointed at myself because I've been a sucker for challenges and I've missed a lot of the past challenges, yeah I really suck and this time I'm trying to unsuck(if this word exists) and be fully in on this one, they're a lot of beautiful people to meet, especially my partner who's going to be the prettiest (I know for sure), and a lot of fun moments. Before I say too much let me tell you some of the fun facts about me.

I can't wait to explore more of the Ecency interphase, guess this week is going to be a lot of fun afterall, because the few times I've used the interphase it's been easy to navigate and smooth.

My Ecency points have been growing and I'm sure it'll grow a lot more after this challenge ends in three weeks. Let's go!!!

Everyone calls me Chinco, the nickname came because everyone thought I was somewhat half-caste, I used to look chinese.
I'm actually a boring person, I don't know how to socialize with people that much and I think it limiting for me, but then, here are some fun facts:

I'm an Introverted extrovert

Yeah, that's the words to describe me. A lot of people actually see me to be quite social but what they don't know is that this dude is an introvert. I like to keep to myself, I like my peace and quiet and I don't know how to start a conversation. So it's pretty likely the first time you see me you'll be meeting a quiet introvert.

But then, they're times when I just get out of my shell and I'm way out of my head. You'll be surprised if it was the same quiet person you saw some few moments ago. I become the life of the party, haha. This mostly happens when I get high too, I tend to hold conversations for a long time and it's like I'm an entirely different person. Some people have actually pointed out that I have two personalities, hehe, maybe I'm the new Beyonce and Sasha Fierce.

I'm multi talented

I started to discover that I could actually do a lot of things while I was growing and it all just was so easy for me. I started with school books, I could easily just skim through my books and everything just stuck, I wasn't a genius but I was surely something.

Then, I discovered that I could draw pretty well, that's right. I started off with comics and small drawings like that. But right now I can create almost realistic portrait drawings. It's something that comes easy for me, with the help of youtube videos and constant drawing. I've slacked a little though, been a while I held a pencil.

I love graphical art. I started to fall in love with graphics some years back and I've been improving in everyway, I even started cartooning with my cell phone, and I'm good with phone photography and video editing. I've developed it for a while now but I just haven't gotten a laptop yet to go pro with it.

I'm play football really well, and I'm great with basketball ball too and until recently, I discovered I can write too, hehe. They're still a lot of things I haven't discover about my self, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a great cook and a great dad.

Did I fail to mention that I'm a great dancer?, I can't miss that one out. I spend most of my time dancing and it's pretty much taken over me, I dance in my sleep, dance when I'm walking on the road, dance in my head, I literally dance anywhere. You can check out my videos on My Tiktok and Instagram pages, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy watching em.

I eat a lot but I can't get fat

My mom was always very loving of me because I was her only child who made sure no food go to waste. I hardly select food, I can eat anything as far as it's tasty. Apart from that I have a large appetite, I can eat a whole spaghetti pasta by myself, hehe. But at the end of the day I'm still so skinny.

I'm Nigerian

I know there's been a lot of hate on us because of how much cyber crime has been linked to us. But you can't blame us, things are quite though here and nothing comes easy. Notwithstanding that, I'm a proud Nigerian 🇳🇬 and I'm ready to fly that flag anywhere.

There's a lot of beauty that comes with being Nigerian or African. The delicious delicacies, the afro music, the cultures and traditions that leave you speechless. Everyday I wake up thanking God for making me this way.

They're a lot of fun things about me, some of which I can't remember, you'll have to get to know me personally, so do well to check out some of my posts and follow so we'll share things together. I'm so excited to know who my partner is, I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun, I can't wait to know you!

Thank you for reading this, if you enjoyed it or it connected to you in a way, I invite you to drop a comment I'll be glad to reply and Upvote for more content ❤️

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