A Day To Learn and Adapt to New Changes In my Working Field

Training has always been the effective way of impacting knowledge to someone. It unveils knowledge to someone. Moving along in this life, new things never seizes to happen, being it music, apps, and so on and so forth. In our working environment too, new things are always happening around us. The best way to catch up is by training and development.

Today, we were so blessed to received a training about the various changes that is going us.
We were taken through long workshop and one of the topic that caught my attention so much Planning. Of course One Famous quote most of us know off, is when we fail to plan, we plan to fail.
Through our daily lives, we need to have a proper plan for it.
He outlined some basics that will help us to have proper plans in our working environment.

It was a workshop aimed at closing a gap that was identified from our performance last year and this year, the assembly want us to perform to our very best.

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