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At least we didn't let this terrorist into the United Kingdom (UK), Paul Joseph Watson reported. Just kidding. Many extremists told police & officials they were trained by ISIS and that they will commit terrorism in England. The train bombing for example. They were not banned. Some people are banned. But others are not. They come to Europe & murder. Look at the no-go zones.

Speaking of banned, Lauren Southern & Brittany Pettibone were retained for days as they tried to enter the UK for being a right-side extremist, and for wanting to interview Tommy Robinson in the UK. Monday, live on television, Alex Jones gave Tommy $20K USD and Tommy will be speaking Sunday, the 18th of March 2018, unless if the Muslims are offended. The police do whatever the Muslims tell them to do in Europe just like they did centuries ago. They're trying to kill Tommy. Please donate to Tommy, Alex, Lauren, Brittany, etc. Share their videos. Share the links. @Stefan.Molyneux interviewed them here.

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The Weaponization of Artificial Intelligence and PayPal Mafia?

Should we take guns from the insane? But who is insane and who is we?

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2018-03-13 Tue 01:20 AM LMS: Welcome Home
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