The reason why I love to help and teach people.

When I was young, I went to school as most people do. I started school in 1989. It was a Roman Catholic school and was supposed to be a highly rated one.
Anyway, when I went to school, it started great, I made loads of new friends, I enjoyed having lessons, it was a great time in my life.
One day thou, I started having issues at school when the work became harder. I struggled in many ways, with writing, reading and when I lost confidence, my speaking got too fast.
People used to bully me, saying I was stupid, which used to hurt when I was younger, but now, I don't care.


I kept getting numbers mixed up, and saying words in the wrong order. It wasn't good. The teacher kept making me read out in class, knowing that I was struggling. Which started making me talk too fast because I didn't want people to waste their time listening to me
For many years, I had to teach myself to get around this issue. I did improve a lot, thou I am not perfect.
Fast forward into the future, I did a 3-year car technician course. I did well on that course and past with flying colours. They wanted me to go on to do a motorsport course, but unfortunately, my Dad didn't share the same enthusiasm.
I ended up doing some very normal, low paid jobs (because the jobs wanted more hand-on experience). In the background, I used to love maintaining my BMW's, since I was 15 with my best friend Murphy, who taught me more hands-on stuff than the college ever did.
One day at work, I saw my old teacher, and I had to serve her in the shop. I asked her, "Am I dyslexic?" and she replied "Yes".
I was a bit hurt that no one ever told my parents, then I could have had some help with learning to learn with my dyslexia.


After many years I moved to Russia, which is an amazing place. I didn't understand anything on TV at all, so I watched youtube.
Youtube was a great thing for me, and one thing I love about youtube is, it teaches you how to do certain tasks, may it be origami, chess, reading, a foreign language cutting hair, the list goes on...
I had a car in Russia, and my wife bought me some tools, and I thought to myself, I can do this!!
I decided that, since people never taught me properly, that I would do my best helping people with an area of my life, that I understand, and that area is cars.
I love teaching people how to fix their cars, which on my channel mostly involves my car, a BMW 1 series. I teach in a way that is so simple that even a person with zero experience can repair their cars.
Who else had a similar experience to me, and found a way to help yourself, by helping others?

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